Portal 2.24

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What’s Up?

As there were at the end of January, there are two Big-Deal Portals coming up, one on Sunday-becoming-Monday (2/24), and the other on Monday-becoming-Tuesday (2/25).  That’s in addition to a Mercury Station turning Retrograde on Friday-becoming-Saturday (2/23), and a Full Moon on Monday.  Our first Big Deal, the 2.24 Portal, is a Grand Quintile that threatens to illuminate a good deal of our Self-Rejection.  It’s important that we stay alert and reject our habit of believing the line of Bullshit behind our Self-Rejection.  He also talks a bit about how astrology and Human psychology interact to keep us out of the Present Moment and hence out of our Power.

The Heavy Weekend

He’s already talked about Saturday’s Mercury Station.  It’s probably good that Mercury’s Retrograde while the rest of the weekend happens, since we’ll be more inclined to think it over rather than just living it and…

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About Juanita

I am an intuitive healer and channel, bringing through messages of transformation and healing to support, guide and uplift during these times. As part of my Soul Path I work in partnership with Beings of Light to share their wisdom and bring through their messages. I also work actively with the Crystal Consciousness in the form of both crystals and crystal skulls. Together we work as a unified team bringing through messages of Love, Light and Truth for those who are drawn to these wisdoms. You can read more about me at www.crystalconsciousness.com View all posts by Juanita

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