Graceful Surrender

The Blue Moon last week was a time of very intense energy, heightening emotions and bringing to consciousness all that is not yet healed or resolved. On the same day, there was a large solar flare, increasing the energy already affecting us and amplifying issues, emotions and situations.  People have been feeling it and for many this has been an unsettling time.  This timely channeled message from Sophia brings insight about what we are going through as a collective:

“Times have been turbulent, energies have been volatile and there has been a sense of friction as layers of old energetic patterns are released – this is much like the shedding of an old skin as you outgrow emotional and mental patterns from the past.  This can be a painful process as it exposes all that restricts, limits or pulls you out of balance and catapults you into a relentless process of releasing and letting go.  This may be perceived and felt as losses and many are currently experiencing grief, fear or a profound sense of emptiness as the layers of old energy are released.  Bear with this process and know that it shall pass; there is a season and a time for all things.  Know that you have shifted energetically and that this creates a new resonance within you, a new energetic frequency and your lives will reflect this too.

All is in flux at this time as the old energy falls away and a new energy begins to emerge.  This is the shift in consciousness that has long been prophesied for 2012 and we remind you again that the shift occurs first within you.   This is what creates the changes you see happening in your lives – you have shifted your own energetic frequency and this will ripple through all areas of your life, revealing all that is not of a resonant frequency, all that is not in alignment with your new energetic frequency – your new consciousness.  Bless all that is released with gratitude for it has played a role in bringing you to this moment, to this energetic space.  Center in your hearts and stand in a space of Love, then you shall see the blessings and gifts within all things, all people, all situations – this in turn, will transform loss into graceful surrender, and grief into loving acceptance.

As your lives change and shift now, we urge you to remain in a space of heart-centered consciousness as it is here that you will hold a balance for yourselves and all life upon your planet.  Connect your energy to Mother Earth, grounding and anchoring the new consciousness of Love, and affirming your desire to be here now, to be part of this shift in consciousness.  Place your feet upon the Earth so that Gaia may feel your energy, and in turn, she will hold you steady in her embrace.  You are supported and you are loved – open your hearts and feel the tremendous energy of Love surrounding you.  Open your hearts and receive the Love flowing to you – breathe – and allow it to flow through you.  The new consciousness is Love.  You are Love. All is Love.” ~ Sophia

Bare foot tracks in wet sand

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