Taking Time Out

The past few months have been incredibly intense in terms of planetary energies and the resulting changes that these have catalyzed.   Many people are feeling quite exhausted after the amount of intense inner healing and transformation that has been occurring.  There is much more still to come this year as we enter the final months of 2012, but the good news is that the astrology for the upcoming week creates a much needed space to relax, rest, integrate and take time out.  This time creates a perfect respite and time of sanctuary in which we are able to reconnect with ourselves and rediscover our inner truths in a creative and playful atmosphere.

Tom Lescher of www.NewParadigmAstrology shares a beautiful message this week about being in the moment and taking time out to play:

“When I play with the day I see it as the only way, to find what is uniquely me, and bring it out for the world to see.” This new Moon in Leo on Friday will hopefully bring out the lion cub in all of us that likes to romp and play in abandoned joy. Letting go of the stress and tension from the recent weeks will allow the creative juices to flow….in-joy! (Tom Lescher, www.NewParadigmAstrology)

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About Juanita

I am an intuitive healer and channel, bringing through messages of transformation and healing to support, guide and uplift during these times. As part of my Soul Path I work in partnership with Beings of Light to share their wisdom and bring through their messages. I also work actively with the Crystal Consciousness in the form of both crystals and crystal skulls. Together we work as a unified team bringing through messages of Love, Light and Truth for those who are drawn to these wisdoms. You can read more about me at www.crystalconsciousness.com View all posts by Juanita

10 responses to “Taking Time Out

  • Stella

    Hi Juanita, after reading your post and listening to Tom, note to self to play this weekend then! Thanks for that love listening to his Astrology. Will be in touch for a catch up x

  • Juanita

    Hi Stella, so glad you enjoyed the video – I always find his insights so refreshing and so ‘on the pulse’ of the current energies! I also intend to take a little time out to play, rest, relax and just nourish the Soul! I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Jeanine

    Hi Juanita,

    WOW..what a powerful message from Tom..agree? I needed to hear this as many of us to have fun and play!! That is where the creation comes in to fruitation..Yes!! So let’s all get out and have some fun, play, and enjoy the moment freely and openly~

    Much love and blessings dear friend..thank you,

    • Juanita

      Hi Jeanine, glad you enjoyed Tom Lescher’s message – he is one of my favourite astrologers and always seems to have a real sense of the prevailing energies. I love your insight that fun and play is where creation comes into fruition. Beautiful!

  • Karen Wan

    Juanita, thanks so much for sharing this video and message. I’m preparing to move to a new house in a few weeks, and I probably do need to take it easy now so that I have enough energy then. This is the completion of an intense journey over the last several months (actually maybe even years) and hopefully the beginning of a wonderful new one. I’m going to keep this advice in mind this next week!

    • Juanita

      Hi Karen, it definitely sounds like you have a few busy weeks ahead of you so time off in between all the activity will be so important to you. It is amazing to see the journey with hindsight and realize just how far you have come – and as with all things, the completion of one journey will birth the beginning of a new one. I wish you all the best with the move and may it be the start of many happy beginnings for you!

  • Jean

    I would love to take time off to play. I may not have the energy of a lion cub, but i certainly see it in my animals and I should learn from them!

  • eof737

    This fits what I’m experiencing… and I’m enjoying the time out. 😉

    • Juanita

      Glad to hear you are taking time out – it is so important for us to do this whenever we can especially with energies being so intense this year. I am definitely learning to enjoy the small moments of rest and play in between the usual activity – time for renewal and to allow new energy to flow in.

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