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For me and many people that I know, the past month has been all about change, change and more change!!  It has certainly felt as if things are suddenly moving very quickly which at times can be absolutely terrifying, yet in between all the intensity I have felt a strange sense of peace and excitement which seemed at odds with the challenges.  I realized just the other day that often the outward changes in our lives are in response to inner changes we have already made which means that we ourselves have created the very changes that may be manifesting in our daily lives.  

Pondering this further, I understood that this was all about energetic resonance and alignment – our inner energy creates our outer experiences and thus reflects to us when something is no longer resonant and needs to be re-aligned and shifted.  Yet so often we resist the very changes that we have created and revert back to previous patterns that are essentially out-dated simply because they are habitual and known.   This is what I believe creates stress, struggle and suffering.  

I had no sooner understood the deeper implications of this insight when I came across this inspiring article written by Tom Borax in which he discusses inner change and co-creation:

Cosmic Weather Report:

Inside Job

August 2012

Westminster West, VT

 Astrology divides the Zodiac into Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Fire Signs spark the journey of individuation – the quest to claim your full creative power. Earth Signs stabilize the need to ground into life’s practical matters and create forms and structures true to your unique nature as an individual. Air Signs exchange information and ideas – the intellectual conduits that connect our minds with other minds. Water refers to the deep psychic-emotive underlayer of human beings; the intense innermost experience each of us has as we go through most of our lives, which are lived up on the surface, in society and relationship.


During August very few Planets are in Earth Signs, which may feel like the ground has been pulled out from under. Like most astrological shifts this has a plus and minus. The minus is that you can be upended and fall down. The plus is that old structures which no longer serve your future direction now have less substance and can be replaced by structures better suited to the person you’re becoming. However, when earth crumbles and old structures need to be replaced it’s crucial to transform your inner connection to the old, or else the new structures will revert to the same old thing in disguise a little further down the road.


Have you had the experience of getting out of a dysfunctional relationship, swearing to never do that again, then beginning a new one that seems entirely different, only to later find the new reverting to some version of the old?  This occurs because if you release your old structures without transforming the part of you that created them in the first place, that part remains on a root level, springing up yet one more version of dissatisfaction.  When you release the external version of the old, such as a former job or relationship, your inner earth also has to gain the full lesson. Releasing the dissatisfying marriage or job is only half the story, and the deeper half has to do with looking into yourself to uproot the foundations of your own dysfunction.


During times when life proceeds smoothly, with few bumps, there is less reason to have to look that deeply into your own roots. But at times like these with collective humanity undergoing the greatest crisis of our lives, that collective crisis ripples down through each of our personal structures as well, and it’s time to awaken to the truth of how we create our own existence.  Until we awaken to the root-level power we have to create happiness and discord, we will tend to recreate dissatisfaction over and over.


When Earth is lacking and structures crumble it is the best time to uncover your own semi-conscious structures. 


We’re being summoned to call upon the other elements now to make this kind of shift: The fire of your creative dream of life on earth, your passionate yearning for a life of love that’s good and true. Your airy ability to open your stuck ideas and change your mind. And the deep watery realm inside you – all of those intense inner feelings that have gotten repressed in order to juggle the complex factors of your existence.  Now is the time to clarify who you are and what you’re doing, in order to bring the external forms and structures you belong to into accord with who you really are inside.


It helps to know that every day you and I co-create the universe.  Every day and night your dreams and thought forms swirl around like a spark around an ignition coil, building energy that draws other similar energies.  At such a changing time in history, these thought-energies are racing around like crazy trying to find some new world to create, some new story to inhabit, some new world to replace the one that’s dying as the old stories become obsolete.  With a lack of Planets in Earth this month, we’re being asked to create Earth from within. This means asking yourself which world you are creating. What are you doing with your right to create the life you dream of? What kind of love and sexuality have you settled for?  Are you trapped like a lab rat running around someone else’s maze?  Where is the life you dream?


www.touchdrawing.comDream power forms the structure of governments and institutions. Stories run the world. The United States is a story that formed in the minds of people fed up with the Old. It’s time to dream a new dream, and find a new story to replace the old. This is an Inside Job that has many outer consequences, and can put the world back on track.


Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer

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About Juanita

I am an intuitive healer and channel, bringing through messages of transformation and healing to support, guide and uplift during these times. As part of my Soul Path I work in partnership with Beings of Light to share their wisdom and bring through their messages. I also work actively with the Crystal Consciousness in the form of both crystals and crystal skulls. Together we work as a unified team bringing through messages of Love, Light and Truth for those who are drawn to these wisdoms. You can read more about me at View all posts by Juanita

6 responses to “Creating from Within

  • Karen Wan

    I have found everything you are saying to be so true.

    In my life, it has taken my mother and I several months to purchase a new home. She will be living half the year with me and half with my brother because she is getting older now. (My brother and I both live in different parts of the U.S.) There has been a lot of inner and outer work on all our parts to get the home purchased. Of course, all the paperwork for the mortgage hit during Mercury Retrograde and finally was completed late last night. The sky seems to be reflecting all the changes in my life particularly well in these last few months.

    Thanks for this reminder that we are creating this changes first within us, and events in life and maybe even the heavens reflect this back to ourselves.

  • Juanita

    Hi Karen, thanks for reading and sharing! Wow, it definitely sounds like you have been going through a lot of changes – what is so lovely is that you are all working together as a family to create these changes. This really embodies the new consciousness of co-operation and co-creation!

    Of course, change is always challenging and even more so with Mercury Retrograde! I too have been amazed this year at how the astrological energies have been so relevant to what is happening in my own life and I love your insight about the heavens reflecting things back to us! What a beautiful way to see things!

    I hope all goes well with your new home and moving as I am sure it will!

  • servingothersblog

    Inner energy creates our outer experiences…love that insight. Thanks Juanita.

  • Juanita

    Hi Jonathan, thank you for reading and I am glad you resonated with this insight. I found this realization to be very empowering as it helped me to center my energy and awareness, stop resisting and creating struggle, and enter the stillness within to understand how to move with the flow of energy, in the direction of healing and positive change. I am learning the lesson of surrender, it does take practice and constant reminders to myself though!

  • Jean

    I just wonder what sort of new story this collective dream is going to come up with as I have been having the craziest dreams! It should be very exciting!

    • Juanita

      The beauty of it all is that we have the opportunity now to create a new vision, not just on a collective level but also for our personal lives. It is so important to have a dream, a vision and something to hope for. As for dream messages, they may seem totally crazy but that is the beauty of dreams – they are absolutely creative and speak their own metaphorical language, but the messages are in there – so take time to explore the dream symbols, they may hold important insights.

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