Crystal Wisdom – Lepidolite

A timely message from the Crystal Consciousness this week.

Crystal Elders

The Mineral Elder who speaks at this time is Lepidolite of the Mica family.  The lovely lilac and rose tones of this mineral convey a soothing, calming and gently uplifting energy that supports emotional balance and healing.  The message from Lepidolite focuses on empowerment through healing perspectives within relationships:

“Relationships provide the fertile soil in which the seeds of Soul wisdom can be sown and nurtured to emerge as the gifts of unconditional love, co-operation and mutual exchange.  Relationships create the context in which to learn the deepest Soul lessons, providing growth in the mutual context of partnerships, family, groups and communities.  Each and every relationship brings with it a gift and the opportunity to heal, grow and transform at some level of your being.  Beneath the ego dynamics within relationships, there is always a deep, enduring love at the level of the Soul arising from the unconditional Love and…

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About Juanita

I am an intuitive healer and channel, bringing through messages of transformation and healing to support, guide and uplift during these times. As part of my Soul Path I work in partnership with Beings of Light to share their wisdom and bring through their messages. I also work actively with the Crystal Consciousness in the form of both crystals and crystal skulls. Together we work as a unified team bringing through messages of Love, Light and Truth for those who are drawn to these wisdoms. You can read more about me at View all posts by Juanita

6 responses to “Crystal Wisdom – Lepidolite

  • MaryAnn Fry

    Thank you. This sure has been true for me this week. How affirming.

  • Juanita

    Thanks for reading MaryAnn, I am glad this message resonated. It can be quite revealing and humbling to see relationships as our mirrors, and to realize that sometimes our most difficult relationships are also our greatest teachers.

  • Juanita

    So true, MaryAnn! Wise words indeed and a good reminder that we cannot fully love another until we learn to love ourselves. I think that very often the relationship that is most neglected is the one we form with ourselves.

  • Jean

    What a beautiful stone! It reminds me of lavender and it seems to have the same calming and peaceful qualities, which help one to get in touch with oneself.

  • Juanita

    Nice observation! This mineral does indeed have very similar properties to Lavender, in fact I think the two could work wonderfully together.

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