Shadows and Light

As we go through the Mercury Retrograde period, it is a good opportunity to look back, reflect, review and redefine our lives.  This particular retrograde occurs with a focus on healing all that is still unresolved, giving us the necessary space to transform our past experiences and re-emerge into the present and the new consciousness of 2012.  This week Sophia speaks of healing our shadows and re-birthing into Light, Love and Oneness:

“Now is the time to create change and transform your lives by healing all that is still wounded, separated and rejected within you.  This means looking deeply within and facing your own shadows, for only then will you be able to see your own Light.  You are urged to embrace this healing process even though it is never easy, for this is an essential part of your growth and healing as a collective this year – it will occur for all individuals and it is important to understand this experience and to welcome it rather than to resist it, for resistance only creates more struggle.   Entering the shadows involves healing the deepest, darkest wounds within you, and integrating all that has been separated and rejected.  This is what leads to wholeness and oneness – it begins first within you.  How can you accept and love others when you are unable to love and accept yourself?

Many of you have already been through this healing process, or may still be working through this – and you will know well the depths of the despair, isolation and desolation that this process may bring up as you feel what is still wounded, encounter what is rejected within you and experience the inner separation as loss.  This is the nature of healing the shadows and it is what many have referred to as the dark night of the Soul.   It is never easy to experience this but through the process of entering the shadows, you are able to rebirth into Light, Love and Oneness.  Just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, so too will you emerge transformed into your fullest potential and true wholeness.

This healing journey will not be accomplished overnight, for some it will involve a crisis, for others a series of smaller crises, or perhaps a period of existential despair. However you experience this, know that this process will involve plunging into the abyss of your emotions and encountering all that has been separated and rejected.  You will feel the pain of these wounds but in so doing, you will understand the loss that you have carried within you for too long.  You will come to realize that the greatest wounds you bear have come from the separation within yourself, from your own rejection of who you are, from the deep self-judgment, shame and guilt that arises from your own lack of love towards yourself.

It is only when you can love yourself that you can truly love others, that you can see their wounds as clearly as you have seen your own; only then can you feel compassion for their separation and understand their unique journey towards wholeness.  It is only when you can love yourself that you can become whole and rebirth into the Light of your true Divinity.  It is only when you love yourself that you can stand in balanced power to fully understand the precious gift of your free will – the gift of Co-Creation.   You will learn about the gift of choice and understand how it shapes your experiences and reality – but only when you can face your inner shadows and transform them through forgiveness and Love.

It is your choice to remain wounded or to journey through the shadows to embrace healing, as it is your choice to remain separated or to embrace wholeness.  What will you do with this choice, this precious gift of free will?  Will you squander this gift by remaining passive and trapped in cycles of blame, rejection, judgment and victim-thinking?  Or will you claim your Divine birthright and sovereignty as a Co-Creator in Love and Light?  The choice will always be yours to make.  The Universe does not judge your choice or interfere with your free will because the Universe is Love.  So too you can be centered in Love for yourself and others, free of judgment and respectful of each individual’s right to choose.

The Shift in consciousness occurs within you – as you enter the shadow to embrace the Light, you will emerge from separation into wholeness, from suffering into Love.  There have been many wise ones who have come before you to lead the way and show you the path – all have endured times of great testing to emerge into the Light and Love of Spiritual Oneness.  As you enter your own shadows, know that these wise ones have gone before you and they have carried a torch for you – and just as they have done before you, so to you shall be the Light for others as you lead the way through your own inner shadows to emerge as Love. ” – Sophia (channeled message)

I hope this message will bring hope to those who are struggling this year and that it will help to understand the process of healing that is so much a part of this year of 2012.  Likewise, I hope it will also encourage learning to love and accept both self and others as part of our collective journey towards a new consciousness, a consciousness of Love.

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