Crossroads and Choices

It has been another highly charged week with more solar flare activity adding to the already potent astrology.  I notice an increased volatility in world weather patterns, as well as the collective emotional energy at the moment.  Now more than ever, it feels very important to hold a balance at all times, to stand firmly centered within our core truths and grounded firmly into the present moment so as not to be swept away or caught up in the heightening instability.  When I tuned in this week to ask Sophia for guidance, she shared this very firm message:

“Many of you have reached a space in your lives where you feel as if you are getting your bearings again. You are taking stock of your lives and realizing that so much has shifted and changed. While some of you may be consciously aware of this process as a positive movement in your lives, many more are feeling unsettled, uneasy, overwhelmed, confused and disconnected. This will cause doubts and fears to surface which, in turn, can cause a tendency to clutch desperately at what you believe you know. This can manifest as holding onto the past or as a fixation on certain issues in your lives.

Understand that this is fear surfacing – if you encounter this in your own life or in other people, know that these behaviours reflect a desperate need to control when life feels out of control. Respond with compassion at all times but remember not to feed or energize what is out of balance or distorted by fear. It is very important that you shift your focus to the present moment and what is occurring in the now – this is your point of power and we remind you that the past is only relevant in how it plays out in the present.

As a collective, you have reached a crossroad and now is the moment of making choices, taking responsibility for your life direction and the realities that you will experience.  This truth is being brought home to each person this year, urging you to become conscious of both what you create and that which you mis-create in your lives.  It is about learning to be in balance and take responsibility for your inherent creative power, being accountable for what you will energize and what you will put out into the world.  Too many for too long have placed this responsibility on others and have thus given away their own inherent power.  

No more can this continue in your lives, no more can you be passive and wait to be ‘rescued’ – your happiness, health and well-being are your responsibility and cannot be magically given to you by others.  Your world systems have taught you to seek outside yourselves for happiness, health, fulfillment, gratification, knowledge and solutions – and as long as you continue to do this, your world will continue to be dominated by greed, materialism, suffering, hierarchy and separatism.  It is time to take responsibility and realize that your true power is within you – all that is needed is to shift your focus inwards, make choices from this space of inner truth and begin to steer the course of your life direction.  

Passivity is a choice you make not to act, judgment of other is a choice not to look within, blame is a choice not to take responsibility for your own life, and making no choices at all is a choice in itself – the choice to give your personal power away to others.  Realize that you are making choices in every moment and becoming conscious of this will lead to awareness of how your choices create your own reality.  Being accountable and taking responsibility for your choices leads to the ability to make empowered choices and to actively co-create not only your life but the world reality in which you participate.

You can no longer expect anybody other than yourself to create change – you are responsible for creating positive change in your own life and this is the precious gift of free will, the ability to choose.  Look within, dig deeply and face your shadows for only then will you see your own Light.  What must change within the world, must change first within you.” – Sophia (channeled message)

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Indeed a strong message this week and a call to move into more empowered living, taking action in our own lives and embracing the power of choice.  I am reminded that we may not always feel we have control over many aspects of our daily lives and circumstances, but we always have the choice in how we will respond to what we experience and encounter – we can choose what to energize, what we will support and, most importantly, the quality of the energy we create in all that we do and express in the world.  


©Juanita McKenzie 2012

All articles are written by Juanita McKenzie and may not be used without the prior permission of the author.  To receive permission to reprint these articles please contact me.


About Juanita

I am an intuitive healer and channel, bringing through messages of transformation and healing to support, guide and uplift during these times. As part of my Soul Path I work in partnership with Beings of Light to share their wisdom and bring through their messages. I also work actively with the Crystal Consciousness in the form of both crystals and crystal skulls. Together we work as a unified team bringing through messages of Love, Light and Truth for those who are drawn to these wisdoms. You can read more about me at View all posts by Juanita

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