Inner Shifts and Soul Review

What a week it has been!  There has been a lot going on in the skies and the energies since the Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit have definitely been very intense!  I don’t think anybody on the planet hasn’t been affected by these phenomenal astrological events and cosmic energies – whether conscious and aware of it or not, I think each one of us has been subtly changed and we will probably only realize this fully when we look back with the advantage of hindsight.  Are you feeling changed in some way and experiencing signs of shifting?  

I have definitely felt a sense of something being different but struggle yet to define it as it is still something that I experience at this stage in the realm of pure feeling – there simply are no words for it.  My body affirms this too, with numerous aches and pains surfacing in response to a feeling of being ‘re-arranged’ somehow, always a sign for me that energy has shifted and the physical matter is re-calibrating.  Here is what Sophia shared this week about these energies:

“Many of you have experienced this week as being difficult and you may be feeling deeply fatigued or even unwell.  The Venus Transit was a potent and significant astrological event and has catalyzed a shifting of energy within you as you awaken to the Divine Feminine – this will shift polarity wherever it exists, within your body, your being, your life and the world, seeking to balance yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and bring them into co-operation and harmony.  

You have all changed and shifted energetically since this event, most of you will be feeling this and many of you may be experiencing physical symptoms in response.  Pay attention to what your bodies are expressing, where you may be feeling tension or pain, as these are the areas of your body where you have held long-term blockages that are rooted in chronic emotional patterns and wounds.  Your energy has shifted and so too your bodies will need to realign and release old, stagnant energy and blockages.   As these denser energies are moved, they become activated and you may find that you re-experience old issues.  At the same time, you may feel a deep fatigue as you go through this clearing process, so be still and rest as often as you can.

Many of you will have an increasing need to sleep more and you may notice that you are dreaming more frequently.  This is because you are journeying into the vast inter-dimensional fields of Light while your physical body sleeps – this is to allow you to gather together with your Soul Family, Guides and other Beings of Light who support you through the process of energetic shifting and realignment.  You are experiencing what is known as a Soul Review which is what usually occurs between incarnations.  It involves reviewing your life up to this moment and planning how you go forwards, as well as re-calibrating your Soul Blueprint to enable you to fulfill the Soul Path that you have chosen.  This process is occurring now while you sleep so that you can retain your physical form during this shift in consciousness and do not need to reincarnate into a new physical body.

The time spent in Soul Review occurs in a joyful space of reunion, sharing and merging of energy in Light and Love as you reconnect with your Soul Family and Guides, exchanging wisdom and re-calibrating your higher subtle bodies to match the changing frequencies of your Earth.  All the energy frequencies and codes that you need to fulfill your Soul Path beyond 2012 are being transferred to you in this space, while your physical body rests and sleeps.  Your body will feel tired as it adjusts and integrates these new energies and anchors the subtle energies into physical form and expression.  Nourish your bodies and care for them as your body is the vehicle for your Soul and its expression in the Earth Plane.  

It will still take a little time for you to assimilate and integrate the changes catalyzed by the Venus Transit this past week and for new energies to become tangible, for new insights to become conscious.  Yet your energy fields have already shifted and adjusted to these new energy frequencies and those of you who are sensitive will feel this.  Be patient, be at peace, rest and simply allow the flow of energy within you and through you.  You are moving into new energetic resonance and you will soon see how this changes what you have experienced and known so far.  This will begin to come into your conscious awareness more clearly when Venus stations direct on June 27th and you will begin to feel more settled and more complete within yourselves.  Until then – rest, allow, assimilate and integrate – as you awaken to your true nature and Soul Essence.” ~ Sophia

So it appears that we will be feeling a lot of inner shifting, releasing and clearing for a while yet and no doubt further energetic shifts will be catalyzed by upcoming astrological events this month:

  • June Solstice – June 20th/21st
  • Uranus/Pluto Square– June 24th 
  • Venus stations direct – June 27th

So take it easy if you can, be gentle on yourself and others, and relax knowing all is exactly as it is meant to be.  



English: Pictured here is a long exposure phot...

English: Pictured here is a long exposure photograph of the night sky. In this image the stars appear to streak across the sky. The effect is created as the earth spins along its rotation with the camera fixed to a tripod. Photographing stars present many challenges to the photographer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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