Fear of Change

Emotions have certainly been running high this year! In recent weeks I have noticed an amplification of fear and have been observing how this expresses in myself and others.  One thing I have noticed is how fear brings out the worst in all of us, creating a lot of the dramas, conflicts and struggle in our lives and relationships.  It seems to be like a spark that ignites our deepest insecurities and wounds to the point where we begin projecting this onto anything and everything around us.

 We want to escape that feeling of fear and feel safe and comfortable again, so instead of looking fear right in the eye, we turn away from it and never really discover just quite what it is that we fear. Thus fear remains an unknown force in our lives, and we run from it rather than stopping to hear what it is that fear is communicating to us about ourselves.  Change seems to be a major trigger for fear and this means we are really feeling it strongly right now.  Here is what Sophia has to share about fear and change:

“The world is changing – you have only to look around you and you will see the signs of change.  If you reflect on just your lifetime, how much has changed in just the space of a few short decades?  The world you are in today is very different to the one you were born into, and it will continue to change at an even faster pace as you go forwards now.  You too are changed and changing – this is the nature of Life itself.  Yet you are conditioned to fear change, seeking the safe boundaries of what you know.

The media reinforces this fear of change, broadcasting images and messages that are violent, negative and distressing.  You are bombarded constantly with material and energy that overwhelms your senses and increases your levels of fear.  You are consistently exposed to images of a world that is threatening.  The message is that without control there will be chaos and this will threaten all stability and security that you value so dearly.  The result is a state of constant global fear and a belief that change threatens your safety.  This is how you become prisoners to your own fears and how you surrender your freedom and choice to systems of control.

Yet if you pause for a moment and reflect, you may realize that once you have surrendered your freedoms and choices, you are no longer in control of your life.  You are not then safe or secure, you are instead imprisoned and enslaved, at the mercy of systems that do not know you and do not reflect who you are.  The illusion of order and stability becomes stagnation and distortion.  Your fears ultimately become the means by which you are controlled – and so it is that you have forgotten how to live and instead been programmed only to survive.

Think deeply upon this question:  are these fears real?  They may feel very real to you as your own inner anxieties and wounds become projected onto what is being broadcast to you every day.  Yet if you explore this deeper and are willing to face your own shadows, you will see that fear is not your true nature – fear is a conditioned response, programmed into you from the moment you were born, through your families who have in turn been conditioned by society – and later fear is reinforced through your own experiences filtered through what you have already learned.

This is not to disrespect those who have suffered or experienced loss, nor to diminish the immense destruction, violence, cruelty, inequality and oppression that has been part of your human history and experience for too long.  Instead, we urge you to question the source of this suffering and the origins of fear.  Fear is an absence of love and it arises from separation.  This is both the cause and the consequence of suffering.

And so we ask you to reflect deeply upon this and explore your own fears and struggles, and then to expand this to encounter how your own suffering is reflected in world suffering.  We ask you to question why you have learned to fear change and to truthfully ask if you are really happy where you are right now and with the state of the world you live in.  It is not change that has caused your suffering – instead, it is the lack of change that deepens the despair, fear and suffering of your human experience.

Fear not change for this is the natural, living flow of the Universe – it is the movement, growth and expansion of all that is Life.  The dynamic, living essence of all Creation is expressed through change.  When you consciously embrace the potential and possibility inherent in this dynamic, living movement expressed as change, you are able to choose what you wish to create, how you wish to feel and who you want to be.  In so doing, you gain mastery over your life – this is freedom, autonomy and truly living.  

In the wise words of Gandhi, ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world.’  Embrace your true power and reclaim your right to freedom and choice.  You are here now to be part of change, a shift in consciousness that will seed whole new ways of living and being on your Earth.  You are the Divine Change Makers” ~ Sophia

I have journey far with fear in my own life, having struggled with panic attacks for more than a decade in my early 20’s.  I have learned that fear is a powerful catalyst to growth in our lives and that confronting fear connects us to vast inner strength, wisdom and courage.  Now when I feel those inner fears, I know that it is a sign that I am about to encounter something new and that it is time for change.  Fear  affirms to me that I am being asked to grow, expand, shift my boundaries, move past my limitations and get out of my comfort zone.  

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Have you been encountering fear in yourself or other recently?  How are you coping with this?   What have you learned and how has it helped you to make changes?  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences here as we are all learning together.

Many blessings


gaivota - Larídeos.

Spread your wings and fly . . . gaivota – Larídeos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

©Juanita McKenzie 2012

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