2012 – Year of Becoming

You have at last entered the very significant year of 2012 and how long it has been awaited!  So much has changed within each one of you in just the time frame of a single  year and, indeed, the previous year has been  profoundly difficult for many of you on many levels of your being.  This is because so much has changed and transformed intensively during this time frame.  Although the changes began a long time ago, during the past year these energies peaked and accelerated to reach a critical point and threshold – all this has been in preparation for 2012.

You are still integrating these changes and although many of you are aware of changes within you, you have yet to become fully conscious of their depth and importance in your lives.  You know that you have changed, yet you still do not fully comprehend just how vast this is and how it will unfold – indeed, emergence was the essence of much of what you experienced during the past year.   You have all ’emerged’ through 2011 but you are yet to discover who you truly are.  This process is what will unfold during 2012 and this year could be viewed as the year of your ‘becoming’ – each one of you will will grow into who you truly are.  Your essence has emerged and the foundation is there already, now this will expand, express and manifest.  It will move now from the energetic plane and into the physical plane reality so you can expect many changes still to come.

At this time it is wise to have a vision but try to build this vision upon the essence, energy and qualities of what you would like to manifest into reality.  Then simply allow energy to flow freely in how it expresses and manifests your vision.  Surrender to it  and trust the flow, allowing the essence of your vision to expand.  This means that you will allow flexibility and movement within your vision – you will allow it to expand to its fullest potential rather than limiting it to what you believe it should be.  To attempt to define and control exactly how your vision will manifest will only restrict your energy as you cannot yet see your fullest potential.  This will only unfold as you grow and expand through the course of 2012, through your personal process of becoming.  

We invite you to dream without limitation, to believe in the magical power of potential and possibility, and to trust in the abundant nature of the Universe.  Create your vision and come to know how it feels within your heart space and within the core of your being.  Name the essence of this energy according to its qualities, such as love, peace, balance and so on.  Choose where you would like this to express in your life and in what life area, such as within your home, your health and your relationships.  Vision it, feel it, name it and focus it – then let it go with trust, acceptance and openness.  In so doing, you set free the very energy that will catalyze the perfect flow to create your fullest potential.  It is as simple as this!  Surrender to the flow, remain open to every opportunity, feel each choice through your heart and you will be divinely guided through 2012.

This is the year of your becoming and it will be a time of great expansion, change and often hard work, yet within all of your experiences, you will see that this is a time of wonder, magic, miracles and infinite potential.  Go forth now into this new year and become who you were always divinely intended to be – who you were always born to be, who you always have been.  BECOME all that you are!

With blessings of love, light and peace

I am Sophia


©Juanita McKenzie 2012

All articles are written by Juanita McKenzie and may not be used without the prior permission of the author.  To receive permission to reprint these articles please contact me.



About Juanita

I am an intuitive healer and channel, bringing through messages of transformation and healing to support, guide and uplift during these times. As part of my Soul Path I work in partnership with Beings of Light to share their wisdom and bring through their messages. I also work actively with the Crystal Consciousness in the form of both crystals and crystal skulls. Together we work as a unified team bringing through messages of Love, Light and Truth for those who are drawn to these wisdoms. You can read more about me at www.crystalconsciousness.com View all posts by Juanita

4 responses to “2012 – Year of Becoming

  • Jean

    Thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to this year of “wonder, magic, miracles and infinite potential”!

  • Juanita

    Hi and thanks for your comment. Yes, may it be a fantastic year for all with some very positive changes and transformations. Happy 2012!

  • Alison

    Thank you for this – it is both comforting and inspirational. Comforting in that it sheds light on the tumoil, both internal and external experienced in 2011 – and still!
    Inspirational in that it provides positive confirmation of growth in light and expansion of soul. Emergence and becoming – I look forward !

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