After 11-11-11: The Seeds of Potential Part 1

Part 1

I speak on behalf of many beings of Light and I stand merged with the Universal Field of consciousness speaking from this Field of Love and Light.  We have now moved through the 11-11-11 Gateway that has for so long been awaited.  On this day, many people around the world were focused in Love and Light, united through this magical number, 11-11-11.  We have told you this is a code, a number sequence, and energetic frequency that is recognized by your DNA and your Soul.  This is the significance of this day and the importance of these sacred numbers.

As you go forwards now, you are guided to remain open and to simply BE, to allow the flow of energy to move through your being, to feel it, to accept it, to rejoice in the flow of abundance, love, light and joy that moves through your planet as an ever increasing wave catalyzed by the 11-11-11 Gateway.  Many people were expecting something big to unfold on this day – there are those who preached doom and gloom, there are those who are naysayers and did not believe in the significance of these portals.  But we tell you that significant events always happen first at the level of energy.  The effects are profound but they do take time to manifest in your physical world.

If you are still and allow yourself to feel, you will become aware of the energetic movement and the subtle resonances that your energetic system is able to tune into. You will feel this flow we speak of and this will allow you to align to the natural movement of energy in these times.  The 11-11-11 was indeed a significant and very special day, a momentous day of celebration that we have spoken of for some time now.  The message we bring through now is that the 11-11-11 marked the beginning of a thirteen month period where energy will be shifting into the full manifestation of your New Earth.  The New Earth is not something you can expect to arrive in a single day or to be instant.

Yet in many ways, it has already arrived because the energetic blueprint for the New Earth is here now and it is across the 13 months following 11-11-11 that the changes will occur in the physical world.  It is you who carry the new frequencies and codes within you.  It is you who have always carried these codes and potentials, and now they are activated.  There will be changes, very positive changes, but it is not to mean that it will be easy as there is still much work ahead – there is still much that needs to be done in the physical realm to create the changes that will support and be in alignment with the New Earth energy; and it is you who will bring about these changes.

The next 13 months unfold as a time of creating change – this is a gift.  It is a magical time and an opportunity to create all that you see within your own vision for a New Earth, all that you feel in resonance with, and all that energizes your Soul path.  This is the opportunity that has been activated with the 11-11-11 Gateway.  We wish for you to understand the unique gift, power and potential that is encoded in the next 13 months.  The number 13 is a very powerful and significant number – this is the number that for a long time has been associated with the magical.  There is so much superstition surrounding this number because there is power and potential held within this very unique frequency – 13 is the number that represents unity, merging, synthesis, alchemy, transformation and oneness.  Indeed, this is truly magical and transformative.

For the next 13 months, many changes will be occurring on a collective level but it is a potent time within your personal life to create the changes that you wish to see, and to move into alignment with your Soul frequencies and your Soul Path.  It is a time where your outer life and circumstances will be moving into alignment with your inner truth, your inner resonance and your inner frequencies.  This is the first meaning of unity and oneness, embodying the essence of synthesis and merging.  It is important that you allow this process to occur as it begins a process of energetic entrainment.  Your energy frequencies have already been activated and there are profound changes within you – now this will radiate through your energy systems and through you to create changes in your personal lives.  If you are aware of this movement and this resonance, if you understand the process, it will be a joyful time of creating, dreaming, visioning, seeding and allowing your lives to transform.

However, if you are trapped within ego and attachment, this will be a difficult 13 months – it will be a time that feels as if you are forced to restructure and it will be experiences as conflict and friction.  This is why we ask you to understand the process, to welcome it, to work with it, to go with the flow of the energy that is already within you.  This is the meaning of moving with the flow; resistance is what creates the suffering.  We remind you that what you will experience across these 13 months is what you have always wanted on a Soul level, it is who you are – this is the movement now out of suffering and chaos into harmony, oneness, peace, balance, and wholeness.  This is a powerful and transformative process of integration.  The next 13 months can be a time of tremendous joy and discovery if you connect to this energy flow and allow it, move with it, dance with Life.

This is the essence of harmony and we ask you to move into your Hearts and to trust that this is part of the Divine Plan and part of your unique Soul Plan as you have always intended to allow it to express in this current dimension of Earth and through this current incarnation .  Never before have you had the opportunity to create, to manifest, to move into fullness and Divinity with so much energy as in this incarnation.  This is all new and you can feel it – a sense of joyful celebration, a birthing.  Attune to this energy, align to it, and you will experience the most positive changes in your life across the next 13 months.  We will assure you that where you are today will be completely transformed and shifted into a higher frequency, a greater harmony and wholeness by the conclusion of the next 13 months.  You will realize that this will lead you to the date of 12-12-12, another Gateway.  You can see the significance of the energetics and harmonics of the numbers involved, the codes that are catalyzed.  The next 13 months are about moving into your full Divinity, your full Soul, your full Being in this Earth plane.

We bless you in love and light

I am Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

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©Juanita McKenzie 2010

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I am an intuitive healer and channel, bringing through messages of transformation and healing to support, guide and uplift during these times. As part of my Soul Path I work in partnership with Beings of Light to share their wisdom and bring through their messages. I also work actively with the Crystal Consciousness in the form of both crystals and crystal skulls. Together we work as a unified team bringing through messages of Love, Light and Truth for those who are drawn to these wisdoms. You can read more about me at View all posts by Juanita

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